About the Magazine

“We have found the content really impressive. We love the way the stories are laid out. We feel we are more in touch with the industry because of i.Business. Congratulations on filling a much needed niche for iOS in business; we appreciate your efforts”  Apple Business Team

About the Magazine
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We are now in our 5th year of production and growing!

The team behind i.Business Magazine have decades of experience in the Apple Business & Education communities.  The magazine also looks to cater to those Windows users looking to switch over to Apple technology for their business needs. We strive to cover as many vertical markets as possible, which include but are not limited to, Retail, Hospitality, ERP, CAD, Real Estate, Legal, Scientific Computing, Medical/Healthcare, Government, Automotive, Manufacturers, Accounting/Finance, Print & Graphics and Security & Surveillance.


Our articles take a solutions-based approach to productivity, workflow management and tips & tricks.  The magazine articles come from the industry leaders with years of experience and proven track records. Below are our covers and features for our issues. Click on each magazine cover to see our feature.


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